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Reflexology Coloring books is a wonderful tool for practitioners of Reflexology as well as adults and kids.  Beautiful illustrations guide you what to do if you have such health issues as: tummy ache, headache, nervousness, cramps, etc.

Perfect for baby shower gifts as well.

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    I don’t know what reflexologists you’ve seopkn to that refute ear reflexology, but I can attest that reflexology is inclusive of ears, hands and feet. I’m a certified reflexologist. I was trained through the International Institute of Reflexology and although they primarily work with the hands and feet, there is no denial of the reflexes on the ears. Most reflexologists will focus on the feet because there are over 5000 nerve endings in the feet and reflexes can be manipulated much easier than on the hands. Depending on the condition of the client (hands, feet, ears and mental/physical/health), will depend on the treatment a reflexologist will administer. The ears are an easy access point for a quick and immediate affect on headaches, stress, allergies, etc. It’s also an area easily accessible for one to work on him/herself without having to worry about being able to reach the feet. There are many books out there that have an all-encompassing reflexology experience hands, feet and ears.Peace, light and health.

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