Find Reflexology qualifications worldwide

A qualified Reflexologist will give you their certificate, diploma or documentation information that they are a qualified Reflexologist.

Each area across the globe has different guidelines and credentials that Reflexologists must acquire before they are qualified.

Students of Reflexology will also have the proper documentation. Students are a great resource as they give a slow relaxing session as they practice and learn. Feedback to students is always useful during and after a session.  They generally charge less or no fee while they are on their journey to become Reflexologist. 

If you have any questions about what the qualifications are for Reflexologists and Students please check with our Association selection and you may look for which Association is relevant to you. They can give you the information you are seeking, as many have the information on their website for your reference.

If you are seeking a Reflexologist, please refer to our Directory along with your local association, council or organization, as many qualified Reflexologists have not yet joined their area Chapter.

Please check in our Education menu for schools and teachers, and also continuing education seminars and workshops.  You may also verify their credentials through local and national organizations as you would a Reflexologist.  Virtual learning and Video Segments will soon be available.

As our profession keeps growing by leaps and bounds, we can see the benefits Reflexology brings to the world. From relaxation, to pain relief and the easing of emotional stress, it is a wonderful skill to add to the lives of yourself, and your loved ones. I hope you enjoy the journey of experiencing Reflexology, one step at a time. 🙂

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