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  • Thu

    Say Goodbye to Headaches

    8:30 am - 5:30 pm Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA
    Transcona Scout Hall
    110 Winona Street
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C 0A1
    Who Can Attend
    Certified reflexologists; massage therapists with at least an introductory level of reflexology education (2+ days) and experience practicing. (This is not a basic reflexology training.)
    RAC: 4 ★ ARCB: 9 ★ NCBTMB: 9 ★ Florida: 9 ★ Georgia: 9
    Karen Ball
    $170 US (Save $60 if also taking Traditional Thai Reflexology)
    A Class That Could Change Everything
    A headache is not a disease. It is a symptom of something going on inside the body crying for attention. Forty-five million Americans suffer from the debilitating symptoms of chronic headaches – the good news is that you can learn to give a targeted hands-on session to relieve the symptoms of a headache and learn how to coach people on creating a headache-free life for themselves.
    In this class you will learn:
    ★ how to select therapy protocols specific to the root of the headache pattern;
    ★ the 2 main classifications of headaches;
    ★ five types of headaches;
    ★ over 60 known headache triggers;
    ★ 5 ways to control the quality of your life;
    ★ simple, natural choices that support a headache-free life;
    ★ interview skills to coach clients.
    Transform the lives of people living with head pain, and transform a sluggish practice into a thriving, focused business – all in one day. In addition to designing individualized hands-on session protocols, you will leave with the materials and skills needed to coach one-on-one or offer small classes in your community to those people who are sick and tired of living with headaches.
    Massage table or reflexology chair; sheets, foot tub; towel; pillows and blanket (if you like to use when receiving); writing utensil ; highlighting pen.

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