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    2018 Therapeutic Hand and Foot Reflexology Certification

    9:00 am - 5:30 pmSt. Augustine, Florida, USA
    The program is taught in five 5-day modules. Attendance at all modules is required. 2018 program dates are:
    April 6-10
    June 1-5
    July 27-31
    September 21-25
    November 2-6
    Hours – 315
    Investment – $3079 (including $100 non-refundable application fee)
    Discounts and payment plans are available.
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    In this exceptional educational experience you will:
    - Master the location of reflex points in the hands and feet, and techniques and procedures to effectively palpate these reflexes on yourself and others.
    - Acquire a knowledge of all the physiological systems of the body, and the role Reflexology plays in maintaining optimum functioning of these systems.
    - Examine homeostatic imbalances that can occur in the human body and create Reflexology sessions to address those conditions.
    - Uncover your strongest appeal as a reflexologist and develop successful, ethical marketing strategies to create a unique, viable healthcare business for yourself.
    - Be able to explain the theories and benefits of Reflexology.
    - Create and operate a professional Reflexology clinic, utilizing medical documentation charts designed for reflexologists.
    develop and implement a community outreach event offering Reflexology.
    - Prepare a research case study for national and international publication.
    - Recognize the zones of the feet, hands and body.
    study anatomy, physiology and structural pathology of the feet and hands.
    - Within the legal scope of your practice, learn simple therapeutic communication and coaching skills that deliver clear evidence that you hear and support your client’s experience.
    - Comprehend the adjunct theories of hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, color and music, and their application to Reflexology.
    Through skilled touch and loving respect, graduates of the Therapeutic Hand & Foot Reflexology Professional Certification help individuals confront the most challenging aspects of their lives. These skilled practitioners have learned to appreciate the difficulties inherent in charting a path of recovery through the maze of conflicting information and personal beliefs that get in the way of living a healthy and happy life.
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